Тест на Present Continuous

Данный тест предназначен для проверки знаний по теме Present Continuous. Good luck!

1. I ... to music in my room now.

2. He ... to fly to Paris next week.

3. She .... for the concert these days.

4. What .... they doing?

5. We ...  hard these days.

6. She ... her bike at the moment.

7. I ... to Paris tomorrow.

8. He ... for a job now.

9. He ... to the party with us. He's too tired today.

10. you ... always ... my things!

11. Tom and I ... tennis on Sunday.

12. Listen! Somebody ... .

13. My family .... in the living room and watching TV.

14. Look! That boy ... alone on the edge of the road.

15. He .... in the park because he's preparing to his exams.

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